Direct Payday Loan Lenders Lead The Priority Payoff List

The first of the year bills may seem a bit overwhelming and the best direct payday loan lenders may look like the best way to juggle all the new debt but it doesn’t mean you have to make a rash decision. Get an idea of the increased debt payments you will have to make. Look into your budget and find areas which can handle cutbacks and shuffle income around a bit in order to limit how much outside money help you will need. If you don’t have to use direct payday loan lenders to keep up with higher debt payments you shouldn’t.A great way to start off your new budget is to verify that the debt you will be paying for is actually yours. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays human error and fraudulent activity increases. The best way to make sure the charges are all yours is to view your credit report. Use a free credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus. They each allow one free report every twelve months. If you stagger them, you can keep an eye on your credit history throughout the year. When you read through your credit history, begin your review on your personal information. Check for spellings and accurate information. Even a wrong street address could make a difference in your report.You will notice that if you have had any prior payday loan direct lender services used, that this information is not part of these credit reports. The companies will not do a hard inquiry nor will they report your debt. If you defaulted on the loan and it was sold to collections then it will show up under the collector’s name.Review the creditor’s reports. Match debt totals to your statements, look at payment history and check report for accuracy. If you happen to find discrepancies or debt that was not created by you, you will want to contact the companies directly and work with them to correct the problem. Be nice. The person you will speak to is not responsible for the error so don’t take it out on the customer service agent. Most people will put more effort into helping someone kind. Its human nature so don’t knock it.Once you have verified your debt, the next step is to work on that budget. Unless you got a raise in the last month, you will have to work at prioritizing payments and cutting back any place you can. If you received a holiday bonus you may want to strongly consider using it to help pay down holiday debt. If you are planning on using your tax refund pay the minimum to all creditors. The tax filing date was postponed for a few weeks so the earliest you will be able to receive the refund is mid-February. Protect your credit history with on-time payments until you get it.Prioritize your debt once you do start paying it down or off. If you found old debt on your credit report, leave it there for now. It has already done the damage. Pay off high interest debt first. So if you have taken out loans with short-term direct loan lenders then you will want to get rid of it first. Once that is paid off, look at credit card rates and do the same. The more high interest debt you take off the list the more money you will save by not having to pay interest.Do your best to not make new debt while you are working off your old. Instead of using direct payday loan lenders online or applying for a new credit card make a plan to obtain more money. Sell off unused property, find a second job or cut back daily spending in order to give your budget productive support.

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